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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Stapled peptides for targeting intracellular signaling pathways: research and commercial development

TweetIn the 12 November issue of Nature, there was a research article and a News and Views minireview about targeting an intracellular signaling pathway with a novel type of compound called a stapled peptide. Signaling pathways are crucial for cellular physiology, and in the pathobiology of important diseases ranging from metabolic diseases to cancer. In…

Anti-aging biology: new basic research, drug development, and organizational strategy

TweetIn the 2 October issue of Science (the “Ardipithecus ramidus issueā€¯), there was a Perspective (authored by Matt Kaeberlein and Pankaj Kapahi) and a Report (authored by Colin Selman and his colleagues) on recent findings in anti-aging biology. Since the late 1980s, researchers have found that caloric restriction (CR) (reduction in caloric intake while maintaining…