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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Update on liraglutide (Novo Nordisk’s Victoza)—approved by the FDA for treatment of type 2 diabetes

TweetOn October 25, 2009, we posted an article on this blog that focused on liraglutide (Novo Nordisk’s Victoza) as a potential treatment for obesity. As we stated in the article, at that time liraglutide had recently been approved in Europe for treatment of type 2 diabetes. The drug was also awaiting FDA approval for that…

ApoE4 and Alzheimer’s disease: stratified medicine and development of new therapeutic strategies

TweetIn the December 15, 2009 issue of Neurology, a research report by Stephen Salloway and his colleagues at the Butler Hospital and Brown University (Providence, RI) and an editorial by Dan Kaufer and Sam Gandy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) focus on a Phase II multicenter placebo-controlled clinical trial of Elan/Wyeth’s bapineuzumab (AAB-001)…