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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Roche cuts workforce, and drops RNAi R&D

TweetAs the author of the recently published book-length report RNAi Therapeutics: Second-Generation Candidates Build Momentum (Insight Pharma Reports, Cambridge Healthtech Institute), in addition to my other involvements with the RNAi therapeutics R&D community, I feel an obligation to comment on the recent announcement from Roche. As many of you already know, on November 17, 2010,…

Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists–piercing the “pall of gloom” over obesity drugs

TweetAs we said in our November 3, 2010 blog post, “The withdrawal of Meridia from the market, coupled with the FDA rejections of lorcaserin and Qnexa, has cast a pall of gloom on the obesity drug market. Some commentators have declared the field to be dead….” Nevertheless, a few hardy entrepreneurs and venture capitalists continue…

Haberman Associates now on Twitter

TweetHaberman Associates biotechnology and pharmaceutical consulting just started a new Twitter account. To follow us on Twitter, please use the Twitter button on the side-panel of this blog. Or go here.

Haberman Associates in Nature Biotechnology article on Bristol-Myers Squibb acquisition of ZymoGenetics

TweetI was quoted in an article entitled “Bristol-Myers Squibb reaps biologics in ZymoGenetics windfall”, by freelance journalist Emma Dorey (Brighton, UK), in the November 2010 issue of Nature Biotechnology. The article focused on the acquisition of ZymoGenetics (Seattle, WA) by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). To read the article, go to the Nature Biotechnology website. Interestingly, I…

Haberman Associates RNAi Therapeutics report published by Cambridge Healthtech Institute

TweetOn November 4, 2010, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) announced the publication of our new book-length report, RNAi Therapeutics: Second Generation Candidates Build Momentum. Since the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of RNAi (RNA interference), there has been intense interest by the biotech, pharmaceutical, and investment community in developing oligonucleotide drugs based on RNAi technology. First-generation candidate RNAi…

Meridia bites the dust, while pioneering obesity researchers win Lasker Award

TweetAs we reported in several earlier blog posts, 2010 has been a very busy year for FDA review of antiobesity drugs. At the same time, as we also reported, sibutramine (Abbott’s Meridia/ Reductil), one of the only two antiobesity agents on the market, had been under review by regulatory agencies because of cardiovascular safety concerns….