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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Bluebird Bio, Celgene, and Adoptive Immunotherapy for Cancer

TweetThe Biopharmconsortium Blog includes several articles that are–in whole or in part–about adoptive T-cell immunotherapy [or adoptive cell transfer (ACT)] for cancer. In particular, we have produced two blog articles that discuss the Novartis/University of Pennsylvania (Penn) collaboration, which is aimed at finally commercializing adoptive immunotherapy for cancer. “Is Novartis Building A Viable Business Model…

Does inflammation in the brain cause aging?

TweetThe Biopharmconsortium Blog has been following novel developments in anti-aging medicine and biology for several years. Much of the interest in this field has centered around sirtuins and potential drugs that modulate these protein deacetylase enzymes. Recently–on May 29, 2013–we published our latest blog article on sirtuins. However, we have long been aware that studies…