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Allan B. Haberman, Ph.D

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Allan B. Haberman, Ph.D. is Principal of Haberman Associates, a Founder and Principal of the Biopharmaceutical Consortium.

Dr. Haberman’s consulting activities include work in:

  • new product development and technology strategy
  • opportunity assessment
  • assessment of drug pipelines
  • due diligence on established and emerging biotechnology companies

He is also the author of numerous books, reports, and articles on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, R&D strategy, therapeutic area and pipeline strategy, and technology assessment. For more information, see our publications page.

Dr. Haberman also speaks at national and international conferences on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and on drug discovery and development. For information on presentations offered by Haberman Associates, please see our Speaking and Seminars page.

Prior to forming Haberman Associates, Dr. Haberman was the Associate Director of the Biotechnology Engineering Center at Tufts University. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Harvard University.

More About Allan

Allan is a colleague with profound knowledge of the life science R&D space. His forte is drug discovery and development processes as they relate to particular disease states, an arena where he has published extensively on the methodologies of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms and advised such firms on enhancing their pipeline productivity.

Joe Kalinowski
Principal, Trilogy Associates, Member, The Biopharmaceutical Consortium, LinkedIn, June 5, 2009, Joe was with Trilogy Associates when collaborating with Dr. Haberman at Haberman Associates

“Allan has written many reports for me on drug discovery and development. He is not only thorough, expert and highly detail oriented, but he invariable identifies the key issues that are often left out of many other discussions. I highly regard Allan’s work and would work with him again if the opportunity arose.”

Malorye Branca
Freelance news and feature writer Former Editor in Chief, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), Former Vice President, Director, Spectrum Life Sciences, Decision Resources LinkedIn, September 23, 2012, Malorye was Dr. Haberman’s client at CHI and Decision Resources