The Biopharmaceutical Consortium is a valuable team of successful consultants with extensive experience in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries.  We’ve added short bios for you to gain more information on each member and their areas of expertise.
photo of Dennis E. Vaccaro, Ph.D., Biopharmaceutical Consortium Member

Delphi Services
Dennis E. Vaccaro, Ph.D., President

Delphi Services provides consultation on business, regulatory affairs, and technical issues for companies focused on the life sciences. The firm has particular experience with startups–including both new product lines/divisions within established companies as well as starting new companies. The principals have had extensive experience managing successful and highly profitable companies. In addition, they have written numerous articles and books analyzing technologies and products in the pharmaceutical arena. The principals served on the boards of several small companies in active management roles.

photo of Allan B. Haberman Ph.D., Biopharmaceutical Consortium Founder and Member

Haberman Associates
Allan B. Haberman, Ph.D., Principal

Haberman Associates is a consulting firm specializing in science and technology strategy for life science companies. The firm assists its clients in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other life science companies to discover and develop new drugs and other life science products, improve their drug pipelines, gain partners for their drug development and technology projects, develop new applications for their technologies, and penetrate new markets.

photo of Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm Ph.D. and Katharine Muirhead, Ph.D., Biopharmaceutical Consortium Members

SciGro, Inc.
Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm Ph.D. and Katharine Muirhead, Ph.D., Principals

SciGro, Inc., founded in 1996, specializes in services supporting rapid translation of research and preclinical stage technology into viable products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, and life sciences industries. Typical clients include investors, founders, CEOs, CSOs, and licensing, technology development, or business development officers. SciGro principals combine expertise in a broad range of scientific disciplines with senior level biomedical industry and technology transfer experience, and bring both to bear on the challenge of designing and implementing effective development strategies. SciGro services include early stage technology and product management, opportunity and technology assessment, and licensing support. Clients use SciGro to help speed their transition from research to development, add specialized expertise, and leverage the capabilities of critical personnel while conserving resources and maintaining focused growth.

photo of Alfred E. Slanetz, Ph.D., Biopharmaceutical Consortium Member

Slanetz Associates
Alfred E. Slanetz, Ph.D., Principal

Slanetz Associates is focused on business development, finance, strategic planning, and scientific and product planning for the biotechnology industry. Its principals have both a scientific and a commercial background, having served as executive officers of major biotechnology companies in the United States and in Europe. They have been responsible for multiple public and private equity financings and strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, other biotechnology companies, and universities in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The firm maintains senior level contacts at major institutions worldwide.

photo of Joseph J. Kalinowski, Biopharmaceutical Consortium Member

Trilogy Associates
Joseph J. Kalinowski, Principal

Trilogy Associates is a business development and management consulting firm that facilitates business growth through commercialization of new products. Trilogy, founded in 1989, serves clients active in medical, bioscience, and certain industrial markets with a staff of four senior associates, all of whom have experiences combining successful industrial management roles with management/technology consulting accomplishments. Typically operating at the intersection of market acumen and technology development, Trilogy counsels and directly supports its clients by developing and implementing systematic growth strategies, frequently including the identification and assessment of new product opportunities. Trilogy’s industry experience includes drug discovery, laboratory equipment and supplies, analytical instrumentation, medical devices, clinical diagnostics, patient monitoring, informatics, medical imaging, and a variety of industrial components, materials, monitoring, and control products.

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