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This new Insight Pharma Report examines the science behind therapeutic RNAi (RNA interference) and miRNA (microRNA), technologies for design of therapeutic oligonucleotides that work via an RNAi or miRNA-modulating mechanism, technologies for design of delivery vehicles, and leading specialty companies in the therapeutic RNAi/miRNA industry sector.

The report also includes a discussion of the outlook for the therapeutic RNAi/miRNA industry sector, including strategic issues such as technological prematurity and the development of enabling technologies, the role of Big Pharma investment, and the impact of patent litigation and cross-licensing in shaping the RNAi/miRNA sector. It also includes a scenario for the development of RNAi and miRNA-based drugs. Also included are transcripts of interviews with five leaders of biotech companies in the RNAi/miRNA industry sector.

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October 2010


RNAi Therapeutics: Second-Generation Candidates Build Momentum Report


Alan Haberman holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from Harvard University and has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
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