Haberman Associates joins Innovalyst as an Affiliate

Haberman Associates has joined Innovalyst as an Affiliate.

Innovalyst is a North Carolina-based consulting consortium. It is led by four Managing Partners with over 20 years of industrial experience as executives at top-tier pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies. Innovalyst’s Intellectual Capital Advisory Network (ICAN) also includes over 75 Affiliates with an extraordinary breadth and depth of life science business skills.

Since 1997, Haberman Associates has been a member of the Biopharmaceutical Consortium (BPC), a Boston-based life science consulting network. We shall continue to maintain our membership in BPC, and our Boston-area location. However, we shall also expand our network to include Innovalyst. In addition to Haberman Associates, another BPC member, Trilogy Associates (headed by Joseph Kalinowski), is both a member of BPC and an Innovalyst Affiliate. Trilogy relocated to North Carolina in 2008.

Haberman Associates will maintain its primary focus on science and technology strategy, and on new product development via internal R&D and partnering. However, we shall be able to draw on our partners in BPC and Innovalyst to form project teams to take on larger, more complex projects requiring multiple areas of expertise, especially for large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We shall also continue to serve life science clients of all sizes, from start-ups to major corporations.

[Innovalyst ceased to be active as an organization as of February 2013. However, we remain in contact with several Innovalyst Affiliates and Managing Partners, who are available for collaboration with Haberman Associates.]

If you have any questions about Haberman Associates and its expanded consulting network, or would like to discuss your company’s needs, please contact me.

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