Haberman Associates has a new website!

Logo for Haberman Associates

Haberman Associates now has a new website, which is available at https://biopharmconsortium.com. Our new site has an attractive, up-to-date look and feel, and also contains updated news and other updated content.

We have also fully integrated our Biopharmconsortium Blog into our new site. Our blog resides at https://biopharmconsortium.com/blog. There has been a hiatus in posting on our blog recently, due to finishing construction of our new site. Thus the last article on our blog before completion of the website was posted on April 5, 2013. However, we posted a new article on May 29, 2013, and intend to publish blog articles on a more regular basis.

The integration of the Biopharmconsortium Blog into our website emphasizes that it is the blog for our consulting group, not an independent entity or a  journalistic blog. Despite the diversity of subjects covered by the blog, the focus is on effective drug discovery and development, and on company strategies designed to facilitate effective new product development.

For more information on our consulting group, Haberman Associates, see our brief December 16, 2012 blog article, entitled What Is Haberman Associates? Better yet, you may explore our website for a more complete picture of our consulting group.

We hope that the diverse community of our readers will benefit from the discussions on our blog. We also hope that those of you in life science companies will get a feeling for how we approach issues in drug discovery and development and company strategies.

However, even the best articles or books on how to solve key industry problems will not solve these problems on their own. Companies need to develop company-specific solutions and to implement them. Haberman Associates consulting may enable your company to formulate and implement the solutions you need to improve your productivity.

If you are in  a life sciences firm, and have questions about Haberman Associates, or wish to send us a consulting inquiry or to commission us to write a report for publication, please telephone or e-mail us.

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