What is Haberman Associates?


A few weeks ago, I attended a presentation that was produced by another consulting firm, which we shall call Company X. They began their presentation with a discussion of “what is Company X?” Then they went on the the substance of their presentation.

In the same vein, as the producers of the Biopharmconsortium Blog, this article is entitled “What is Haberman Associates?” After we have posted this article, we also shall go on to our usual subject matter.

Haberman Associates is a Boston-based consulting firm, founded in 1993, that specializes in science and technology strategy for life science companies–principally pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and research products companies, and other companies (e.g., life science publishers, venture capitalists, angel investors, etc.) that serve the industry.

The focus of our company is new product development and commercialization. This includes new products developed via internal R&D and through partnering. In internal R&D, our usual focus is toward the early end of the process–drug discovery and early development.

Clients have used our consulting services to help them:

  • discover and develop new drugs, diagnostics, and research products
  • improve their drug pipelines
  • identify and evaluate potential partners
  • develop new applications for their technologies
  • penetrate new markets

Haberman Associates is a member the Boston-based Biopharmaceutical Consortium (BPC) and an Affiliate of the North Carolina-based consulting consortium Innovalyst. Our relationship with Innovalyst began after one of our BPC partners moved to North Carolina, and eventually became a Principal of Innovalyst. Between BPC and Innovalyst, we have nearly 90 senior consultants on our team.

We have worked on consulting engagements with both BPC and Innovalyst consultants.  Our relationship with these consortia enables us to take on larger projects, as well as projects requiring multiple types of expertise.

One of my Innovalyst colleagues referred to the Haberman Associates/Innovalyst combination as a “virtual drug discovery and development organization”. Another way to look at the Haberman Associates/Innovalyst combination is as having to power of a single office of a large consulting firm, but one dedicated to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to increase their effectiveness in the difficult areas of drug discovery and development.

In one case last year, a prospective client asked me whether Haberman Associates could take on a consulting engagement involving GMP services. I know little about that subject, other than where it fits into the process of developing a drug. I also know people who work in that area. So I handed the engagement over to another project leader in Innovalyst. He formed a team that included himself, several domain experts (one of whom knows the Chinese GMP services market), and me.  Although I knew little about GMP services, I used my research and interviewing skills, and made a material contribution to the project. Our team delivered a result that exceeded client expectations.

We always aim to exceed client expectations, whatever the project.

In addition to consulting, Haberman Associates has produced numerous publications–ranging from articles to book-length reports–which have been published by leading life science industry publishers. A list of recent publications is now available on my public LinkedIn profile.

As for the Biopharmconsortium Blog, it is the blog for our consulting group, not a journalistic blog. Despite the diversity of subjects covered by the blog, the focus is on effective drug discovery and development, and on company strategies designed to facilitate effective new product development. We have more good content available than we can possibly blog about, and do not accept requests to blog about content that is irrelevant to our focus.

We hope that the diverse community of our readers will benefit from the discussions on our blog. We also hope that potential clients in the life science industry will get a feeling for how we approach issues in drug discovery and development and company strategies.

However, even the best articles or books on how to solve key industry problems (such as clinical attrition) will not solve these problems on their own. Companies need to develop company-specific solutions and to implement them. For various reasons, they often are unable to do this without outside consulting help. Haberman Associates consulting may enable your company to formulate and implement the solutions you need to improve your productivity.

[Innovalyst ceased to be active as an organization as of February 2013. However, we remain in contact with several Innovalyst Affiliates and Managing Partners, who are available for collaboration with Haberman Associates.]

If you are in  a life sciences firm, and have questions about Haberman Associates, or wish to send us a consulting inquiry or to commission us to write a report for publication, please telephone or e-mail us.

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